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the very famous plan [help!, 1965]

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Jamie Dornan and E.L. James at 2014 GQ Awards (sept.02)

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Happy Anniversary, George and Olivia! :)

I must confess, they’re my favourite Beatle couple. I’m not sure if this will make sense, but Olivia said something once which really struck me. It was in an interview for Vanity Fair while she was promoting the Living in the Material World documentary. Speaking about George’s reaction to the knife attack in 1999, this is what she said:

"He told me that his mind focused on letting go, leaving his body in the way that he wanted to go. He thought that he was being murdered, and he didn’t want to die on someone else’s terms. He told me, ‘I was lying there, thinking, I can’t believe this is happening! Well, I’d better just start getting with God, preparing.’ I was just so impressed by George when he told me that that was what he’d been thinking, but I was not ready to be killed. That’s when I came in with the fire poker.”

I found this so touching because I think it shows that Olivia truly understood him in ways that I don’t think most other people would/did. It warms my heart knowing he was able to find someone as wonderful as her.

"When George and Pattie separated in 1973, Harrison began having phone conversations with Olivia Trinidad Arias, a young woman who worked at the LA office of his label, Dark Horse Records. ‘He told me that he had his chart done and his chart told him that he would meet a dark woman and he assumed it would be an Indian woman,’ says Chris O’Dell. ‘So when he met Olivia it was almost ordained by the gods. The first night he flew [to LA] that was it. I don’t think they were ever apart after the first night.’
An LA native, Olivia was beautiful, intelligent, and on her own spiritual path. ‘George was troubled when I met him,’ says Olivia. ‘Everything in his life had changed at that point: getting divorced, Apple was in turmoil, he had his own personal demons. ‘74 was one of those breaking-through-the-sound-barrier periods. You come through and it’s just quiet on the other side.’” - MOJO (Nov. 2011)

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I’m very proud <3 Congratulations Jamie!!!


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